Since the creation of their personal partnership in 1986, Roy and Jeanette Henderson have organized countless presentations and facilitated more workshops and seminars than either one can remember during their ninety-plus years of combined experience.

Having spent his first career as an actor, director and teacher, where Mr. Henderson sharply honed presentation and team-management skills by putting together new casts, crews and entire theatrical productions in just 4-6 weeks each for several decades, he has now turned his talents toward enhancing the communication, team-management and presentation skills of the corporate and business world.

With Baccalaureate degrees in Drama, Psychology and Acting from the University of London and the Central School of Speech and Drama, as well as being an alumnus of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company in England, he has created, directed, performed and advised performers of all kinds on five continents. The proudest moment in his acting career was when he played the title role of "Henry VIII" for Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family at Windsor Castle during her Silver Jubilee Celebration.

Together with his wife Jeanette, they co-founded Podium Master, a business and political consulting firm based in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee, though business tends to keep them on the road most of the year.

Having begun her more than 30 years of communications education and experience with a degree in communications and as a "personality", writer, producer and director of numerous radio, television, and theatrical productions, she is a published writer, political commentator and consummate moderator. She frequently appears on a variety of issue-oriented talk shows as well.

As author of the best-selling book "There's No Such Thing as Public Speaking" (Penguin/Prentice Hall 2007), she is an expert speaker, facilitator, writer, speech coach and presentation advisor. The book has become part of the curriculum in numerous academic institutions, including the Business Management Program at the prestigious Harvard Extension School.

Since 1988, she and Roy have devoted much of their time coaching industrialists, community leaders, attorneys, physicians, politicians and graduate actors in the improvement of their applicable presentation and leadership skills, including such political notables as Former General Colin Powell, Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Texas Governor George W. Bush, U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Former President Gerald Ford, Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former Lt. Governors Michael Steele and Kerry Healey, among countless others.

They have also shared their presentational skills in many other fields, including the Burt Reynolds Institute for Theatre Training, the University of Northern Arizona, Universal Productions, Procter & Gamble, the National Pharmaceutical Council, Fleishman Hilliard Public Relations, to name just a few. They also facilitated the American Speaker Training Camps, in conjunction with the creator of the Speaker Training Seminars. Most visibly, the Hendersons have served as the Official Speech Coach and Presentation Advisor for every Republican National Convention since 1992.