Whereas many seminars you may attend will find many ways to drill home a few points, this Two-Day Speaker Training Seminar is so jam-packed with information you need a Workbook (which is provided) to keep track of it all! You'll learn more in the first half hour than most training sessions provide in a day, all of which you can easily learn and remember for the rest of your life!

On Day One you will learn The Six Truths of Human interaction, which will open doors to understanding audience psychology you never knew were there.

Next we cover The Formula for Inspiration, which will show you the THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to arrange your content quickly and easily, for any occasion and any venue. This works for public speaking, meetings large and small, phone conversations, emails, you name it! This Three-Step Formula works for ALL of your communications.

By the end of the first morning, we'll begin to show you The Seven Essential Tools for HOW TO SAY IT, which will walk you through how, and how much, body language affects the way your message is received, how to gesture properly, how to spot a liar (and avoid looking like one), all of the non-verbal cues that are telling your story, and whether or not it matches the story your mouth is telling.

By the end of the first day, we will cover many of the technical advancements and how they can help or hurt your presentation. These Tools of the Trade include lecterns, microphones, PowerPoint, other audio visual additions, staging, stature, and so much more. This portion of the Workshop will be tailored to the specific needs of the attendees, with some hands-on training to help you maximize whatever situation in which you find yourself.

Day Two will be used to finish off any areas that remain undiscussed from Day One, and becomes a totally interactive day. Each willing attendee will receive individual coaching on their own selected presentation (homework from the night before), and all attendees get to learn from each other. At the end of the day, a finished "performance" will ensue, providing a very safe environment among friends for continue to nurture your progress. That performance will be video-tapes, notes on the performance will be provided, and a personal link to your own presentation video will follow after the Workshop.

The day will finish with Q&A for as long as the attendees wish the Hendersons to stay. The Workbook that you received yesterday (and by now, should be completed), is yours to keep. Autographed copies of the Henderson's best-selling book "There's No Such Thing as Public Speaking" will be available for $15 at the end of the day as well.